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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a non-invasive method of lightening the color of your teeth. Our permanent teeth start to come in when we are around the age of eight. Due to daily habits, our teeth start to darken slowly over the course of years, leaving many unhappy with their smiles. Some common factors causing the stains are dark pigmented foods such as chocolate, soya sauce, curries and berries. And for some, it is smoking, red wine, cola, coffee and tea.

Whitening works by removing an organic layer that rests against our teeth, and allowing peroxides (bleaches) to sit right up against our enamel. The product then works to oxidize out the stain in the enamel porosities. After the whitening process is done, our saliva naturally recoats and mineralizes the teeth within 48 hours causing no harm to the teeth. This overall method is the same for both take home and in-office whitening options.

There are two options for whitening to be done: in-office and custom take home whitening trays. For in- office treatment we schedule you in for an appointment for an hour and a half. At this appointment Dr. Kent and her staff will isolate your gums and administer the bleach onto your teeth. We then set your teeth under a light source that activates the bleach allowing it to work at full strength. Once this whitening process is done, we then give you a fluoride treatment. The amount of color change is varied case by case due to many factors. For best results we recommend a consultation before hand to discuss your individual factors and habits to best determine your end results and if this method is the best route for you. In some cases more than one treatment may be required.

The second method is take home bleaching. With this method we have you into the office for dental impressions. From these we then fabricate custom trays and provide you with the whitening material to be used at home. Generally, this process involves you wearing the trays from 10-14 days from half an hour to an hour a day maximum. During this process it is very important to avoid all staining foods and habits for the best results. This method is generally recommended to patients with strong staining habits as touch ups can be done more frequently if needed.

After either option is completed, it is very important to avoid all staining foods for the next 48hrs to maintain the best results possible. As the process open the porosities in enamel to clean out the stain, they remain open for the next 2 days allowing stain to re-enter if you are not careful.

How long the whitening lasts is determined by your daily diet and habits. Patients with strong staining habits mentioned above will usually touch up bleaching about twice a year, some more and some less.