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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth that have been or need to be extracted. They are made of titanium which is inert (non-active) in our body. We can place titanium into our bone with no reactivity and 100% integration into bone. We place these titanium implants where the previous roots use to be and allow them to settle and grow to the bone, and then we can adapt them to connect to a crown that can function in the mouth for function, stability and esthetics. Implants usually take 4-6 months from the initial phase to final crown placement.

The first phase is Dr. Kent taking records, x-rays and impressions to assess the site for implant suitability. Some factors that will determine if you are a good candidate for implants is to check and see if there is is adequate bone to support the implant , and assess gum health in the area. Dr. Kent will then share these records with the specialist who will be doing the surgical portion of the implants. If needed, a temporary tooth (or teeth)can be fabricated to replace the missing teeth during the course of treatment.

If you are a suitable candidate, then the specialist will due the surgical stage by placing the titanium implant into the space where there is no teeth. It is then important to wait 2-4 months to allow the bone and gum adequate time to heal up to the implant. After healing the surgeon will place a second stage attachment to the implant and a temporary crown will be fabricated to allow the gum to mature around the new implant. After a few weeks Dr. Kent will be able to determine if a final crown will be able to be fabricated. At the right time, Dr. Kent will take a final impression to be sent to the laboratory to fabricate the final crown specific to your bite, color and function. Once the crown is fabricated you will have a permanent crown cemented onto the implant.