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A crown is required on teeth that are badly damaged, broken or structurally compromised. The purpose of a crown (commonly referred to as a cap) is to cover the tooth with a single restoration. The crown is made in a lab, and placed onto the tooth to reinforce and strengthen the remaining tooth structure and prevent further breakage. This crown will preserve the remaining tooth structure and protect it from breaking while chewing and grinding. Teeth that may require crowns will be teeth with large fillings, fractures, and or root canals. These teeth will have little remaining original tooth structure.

Crowns are a two part procedure, the first part being the preparation. At the first appointment, the tooth is prepared for a crown, a master impression is taken and is sent to a lab for final crown fabrication. A temporary acrylic crown will be fabricated chairside and placed on your tooth prior to you leaving the office. You will be able to eat, drink and perform your regular hygiene maintenance with this temporary for a two week period while your crown is being made. This appointment typically takes about one and a half hours.

At the second appointment, the temporary will be removed and the lab created crown will be placed in the mouth. Once it has been assessed by Dr. Kent for a good fit, the crown is then permanently cemented. Freezing is not always required and it will typically takes about half an hour to complete this appointment.

There are a few materials to choose from when a crown is being made. You can choose from all porcelain ( IPS empress and IPS emax), full gold or a porcelain fused to metal combination. Dr. Kent will go over your options and reason why one may be more appropriate for your tooth, or teeth to be restored.