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* I discovered that you are never too busy and it is never too late to pay attention to your smile. Using Invisalign, Dr. Kent was able to straighten my teeth with a method that was comfortable and obvious to anyone but me. And all in time for the perfect smile at my daughter's wedding.
* I don't feel like I am going to the dentist when I see Dr. Kent - I feel like I am going to visit a friend who happens to be a very capable dentist. She takes excellent care of my teeth, always with consideration of what is best for me and what will work for my busy schedule.

~ Wendy Lee

At the age of 7 I had a tooth extracted it was the most painful experience of my life to date - they could hear me screaming in the waiting room, You see there was a problem with the freezing it did not work and thus they extracted my tooth well you get the picture. Needless to say going to dentists over my life time has not been easy, that was until I met Dr. Kim Kent.
I have been going to Kim since 1998 on a regular basis, and I don't miss an appointment. (With other dentists I would often cancel my appointments out of fear) I had 6 veneers done, and even dentists have wondered if they were real? Aside from being highly skilled in her field Kim has the patience and understanding for people like no other dentist I have met. Whether you are comfortable or terrified (my words) you will not be sorry that you had your dentistry done by Kim. She meets where you are and has the patience to get you to where you need to be.
I have and would continue to highly recommend Kim to anyone in need of a Dentist, you will be glad you called her.

~ Cori Maedel

As a new patient, Doctor Kim Kent quickly put me at ease, and since has impressed me with her skillful treatment. I consider myself lucky to be in her competent care. Both she and her professional staff are a pleasure to deal with.

~ Scott G.

I have been sharing my family's dental experiences with Dr Kim Kent since the early 90's and I could not say enough good things about her personality and the ways she makes our whole family smile their best smiles. How do you encourage kids to get to the dentist? Simple. With a passion for life and the details of her own experiences, Dr Kent can make a trip to the dentist painless with very little effort. It's not every dentist that can boast about pickle juice in their lines, to this day, my daughter insists that Dr. Kim's office has pickle juice access from every chair. This story always ends with the kids giggling and the infamous, "when do we get to go back to see Dr. Kim?"

~ Jody De Haas

Dr. Kent is an incredibly talented and trusted dentist with the personality to match. She always takes the time to talk you through each procedure, instantly putting you at ease. I would (and have) highly recommend her to anyone.

~ Justin Young

About 3 years ago I was in need of a dentist that was not only really good but cared about clients who had definite fears of dentists. I walked into Dr Kent's office that was on Pacific Blvd at the time and set up an appointment. Kim was on a sabbatical at the time and so I was taken care of by another dentist who was very good and very caring. Upon Kim's return, I had the pleasure of meeting with her and talking about my teeth, my fears and the route we should take to fix them (my teeth and my fears). From the very first she was so caring and very good at her job, I was so impressed with her that when ever anyone asks me if I know a really good dentist, I do not even hesitate to give them Dr Kim Kent's name and number. Not only is Dr Kent good at what she does but her staff is awesome. Before I can have any work done I must take some kind of antibiotic which I am reminded of with a phone call from the receptionist to remind me the night before.
I love her new office space and all of my co workers will agree, she is very good at what she does and is a very nice person to deal with.
Thanks Dr Kim, you are the best.

~ Marlann Cooper

Dr Kent has been our family dentist for the last five years; we have found her to be very professional in her skills, realistic in her assessments of our dental needs, and a very personable in her dealings with us.

~ John and Mary Billham